Who We Are

Plant of Life® is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. Established back in 2014, PoL has been serving Canadians in need ever since.

CBD industry is rapidly growing, especially in Canada. The stigma surrounding CBD is starting to disappear as people are finally beginning to see its true potential. Plant of Life respectfully takes part in this, and we aim to be the leading supplier for CBD products in Canada.


Our Products

We have developed a wide-range of CBD products to help center mind and body. Our products include tinctures, lotions, edibles, capsules, and vapes. Our products are developed to help maintain and protect good health of Canadians.

All our CBD products are sourced from non-GMO, mature industrial hemp stalks that have been carefully selected and tested. Plant of Life® is Canada’s premier choice for CBD: We guarantee all-natural ingredients of the highest quality.

To give you better assurance of our quality, we share below the lab test result for some of our products.

64705 – Plant of Life CBD+ 300mg Oil Drop:
64706 – Plant of Life CBD+ 500mg Oil Drop:
64707 – Plant of Life CBD+ 1000mg Oil Drop:
64708 – Plant of Life CBD+ 2000mg Oil Drop:

Our Mission

Plant of Life® is founded with a solitary mindset – compassion. We want nothing but the best products for our customers, and we pride ourselves in our dedication and devotion. We undoubtedly stand by our product – every single bottle we ship and sell are tested and certified. Our strict quality assurance process leaves no room for sub-par products to go through.

Our Customers

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We welcome feedback and criticisms of any kind from our beloved customers. If you have suggestions for new products, deals and bundles, or any kind of inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.