A Guide to CBD & Anxiety in Pets


Anxiety is a severe problem for many animals. No matter what’s causing your fur baby’s anxiety — anxiety has negative effects on their quality of life.

As a parent, it can be hard to watch and not know what to do to provide a sense of relief. However, more and more pet owners are starting to recognize the benefits of CBD oil.

Research has shown that CBD oil is beneficial for several health issues, including anxiety, pain, seizures, and neurological disorders. So how exactly can it help your cat or dog at home, and what do you need to know as a parent? This article explores some of the positive effects CBD can have on your anxious animals at home.

What’s causing your pet’s anxiety?

To treat your pet’s anxiety, it’s essential first to understand the root of the issue. Anxiety affects cats and dogs in many different ways, and some are more susceptible to it than others.

Common reasons for anxiety may be:

  • Car rides
  • Separation anxiety or you leave the house
  • Moving to a new home
  • Switching owners and families multiple times
  • They’re off schedule or don’t have a consistent routine
  • Loud noises, such as thunderstorms, fireworks
  • Medical injuries and Illness
  • New additions to your household

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Whimpering
  • Trembling
  • Aggression
  • Having accidents indoors despite being trained
  • Nervous licking
  • Loss of appetite

Luckily, CBD oil can work on all of these symptoms and give your pets some much-needed relief.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is extracted from a cannabis plant. It’s a type of cannabis concentrate with two primary variants: THC and CBD. Both of these variants contain more of a specific type of compound, known as a cannabinoid.

A cannabinoid is a chemical compound that’s found in a cannabis plant. It interacts with receptors in an animal’s endocannabinoid system to naturally soothe and calm anxiety amongst various effects.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors located throughout your pet’s body and is named after the plant that led to its discovery.

One of the primary roles of the endocannabinoid system is to control inflammation by regulating the immune response. An overactive immune response can trigger specific allergies and auto-immune problems, while an underactive response can make the body vulnerable to infections or promote the growth of cancer cells.

Natural endocannabinoid substances are synthesized by the body to maintain a stable internal environment known as homeostasis. If the body’s endocannabinoid production doesn’t have what it needs, CBD oil can help. CBD can also stimulate the body to produce more receptors, making natural cannabinoids that much more effective.

In addition, when your pet’s body releases endocannabinoid chemicals, they stimulate and enhance the body’s natural ability to create serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer.

What does the research say about CBD?

With a significant amount of data available for animals, veterinarians recommend CBD for a variety of problems. Here’s what the research has shown:

  • One study found that CBD could reduce stress in animals and lower the impact of generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Cannabidiol has also been shown to help promote sleep in one clinical trial.
  • CBD was found to help control serotonin levels in the body by impacting 5-HT1A receptors. These receptors play an essential role in helping manage stress, emotional behavior and also provide a sense of calmness.

CBD oil isn’t just for anxiety

Studies show that CBD oil is beneficial for both acute and chronic issues – not just anxiety. Because CBD oil supports the immune system’s ability to modulate activity, it allows the body to manage cellular degeneration. This helps prevent conditions such as:

  • Arthritis and joint issues
  • Neurological disorders (such as seizures)
  • Tumors and cancers

At the same time, CBD can help your pet with:

  • Pain relief
  • Immune support
  • Cognitive health
  • Regulating mood
  • Seizures
  • Diabetes


The proper CBD dose will vary from animal to animal and depends on the situation, so it may be necessary to experiment to find the right amount and frequency of dosing.

Typically, the suggested dosage for cats and dogs is 0.1mL for every 10 lbs, 2-3 times daily. However, the exact dosage varies based on your pet’s size, breed, and unique response.

Pet WeightMild symptomAverage SymptomChronic Symptom
10 lbs1mg3mg5mg
20 lbs2mg6mg10mg
30 lbs3mg9mg15mg
40 lbs4mg12mg20mg
50 lbs5mg15mg25mg
60 lbs6mg18mg30mg
70 lbs7mg21mg35mg
80 lbs8mg24mg40mg
90 lbs9mg27mg45mg
100 lbs10mg30mg50mg

How to administer CBD oil

When administering CBD to your animals, some may enjoy the taste of it more than others. If your pet isn’t a fan of CBD, you may need to get creative with your method. Here are a few tips:

  • Directly into their mouths using a dropper
  • Mix it into their food or favorite treats
  • Put CBD oil into their empty feeding bowls

When it comes to administering CBD to your pet, one of the most important things to remember is to stay calm. Cats, as well as dogs, feed off of your emotions. So if you rush the process or are too aggressive, it may scare them, and they’ll start to associate CBD with fear.

Experiment with methods to see what your pet prefers, and once you do, try to give them their total dosage in that way. After a few days, you’ll start to notice differences in your pet’s energy levels. With consistent use, the full impact of CBD oil will build over time.

The bottom line

And as a parent, it can be hard to watch and not know what to do to provide a sense of relief. However, more and more pet owners are starting to recognize the benefits of CBD oil.

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