Relax, Reset, Refocus

Natural remedies for your well-being

Holistic healing process

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Restful Night

Turn down the volume of racing thoughts and get the rest you deserve

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Mental Clarity

Relax and experience the tranquil moments of life

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Pain Relief

Soothe the aches and pain and live to your fullest potential

Reclaim yourself with our CBD solution

cbd oil drops

Fast Relief CBD

cbd for pets

topical cbd

Best of nature in a bottle

Plant-derived healing ingredients for our well-being. Formulated for daily use in our naturopathic practice.

Hemp Extract

Potent properties of Cannabidiol aids in recovering our overall health. Its anti-inflammatory property helps regenerate the undesired damages on our body.


Derived from organic coconut oil, MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) is a clean form of energy that is efficiently metabolized by our liver. It strengthens our immune system and has heart-healthy benefits.

Hemp Seed Oil

Highly nutritional packed with fatty acid, Omega-3 and Omega-6. Hemp seed oil is a beneficial element to our skin, immune system, and heart health.

Oil Dropper Cap
Oil Bottle Body
Oil Bottle Body

‘Plant’ to ‘Product'

At Plant of Life®, we care about what our customers put in their bodies. From the soil to the body, we ensure every step of the process is performed with mindful care.


CBD 101

The Endocannabinoid system is our body’s own unique biological system that regulates many important functions of our body. CBD works directly towards regulating these systems to promote our sense of well-being. Some of these benefits include a healthy response to pain, stress, and our body’s adaptiveness abilities.

Talise Testimonial

Natural recovery remedy

“Shoutout to PLANT OF LIFE’s Full Spectrum CBD oil for being the cherry on top of my back recovery! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a natural remedy for better sleep, anxiety, & inflammation!”

– Talise Harris @fitwithtalise


Night-time essential

“CBD has so many benefits and personally helps relax and calm me”

– Summer @summacromie


Responsible and Reliable service

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Free Shipping Canada

No minimum order required
Applies to anywhere in Canada
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Controlled Small Batches

Every batch is carefully formulated to provide a fresh quality for all orders

Trust Icon Third Party Lab Test

3rd Party Lab Tested

All products are third-party lab tested for safety and reliability

January Best Sellers

THC Free Oil – 1000mg

thc free oil – 2000mg

full spectrum oil – 2000mg

broad spectrum heal stick+

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