CBD Basics

Welcome to the vast world of CBD. Here at Plant of Life, we like to educate our clients on the many properties of CBD and the potential benefits it can bring to our daily lives. If you are just learning about CBD or have been a long time enthusiast you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to enhance your knowledge of CBD and the amazing possibilities of its use. We want to help you individualize the products that would serve your ailment best. Our promise is to deliver relief and extraordinary service by providing the healthiest and most effective CBD products ever made.

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CBD Science

All Plant of Life brand products are made using a whole plant hemp CBD which is grown and extracted from the Canadian west coast and the Prairies. We take our time to source the most natural and organic ingredients, because your body deserves the best!

Here at Plant of Life, we are in the business of educating and helping our customers find the right product that would be best for their specific condition.

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