Mother’s Day Sale: 20% OFF Sitewide + 30% OFF Bundles Until May 21

Mother’s Day Sale: 20% OFF Sitewide + 30% OFF Bundles Until May 21

Affiliate Program


Are you a hemp and wellness enthusiast looking to be a part of massively growing industry? You are in the right place! PLANT OF LIFE is looking to collaborate with a passionate individual like you to help others incorporate wellness into their life. 

PLANT OF LIFE is a Canadian CBD brand offering high quality hemp-derived CBD products. How do we know if our CBD oil is legitimate and meet the quality standard? All of our batches are third-party lab tested to offer our customers a safe and reliable choice of their health & wellness product. You can find the lab report attached to every product. 

Now that you see the potential opportunity with us, here is how we can grow together!

Commission Structure​

Our commission structure is simple and one-directional. If you refer a potential customer to our domain and make a purchase, you make a commission.

What differentiates our affiliate program from others is that if someone visited our site through your affiliate link or make a purchase with your unique discount coupon, at any point in life, that customer comes back and makes a purchase, you will earn a 10% commission of that sale.

We don’t ask for any sort of commitments or initial investment. You are free to join as long as you are passionate about your niche!

Fitness, Yoga, Entrepreneurial, Health & Nutrition, Extreme Sports, or Lifestyle are some of the industries that we collaborate with.

Does your content usually reach thousands of people? Do you want to establish a passive income source? Talk to our team and we will help you scale up the monetization of your online activity.

  • Create an account on our website and fill out the form below to register
  • Redeem anytime you wish, send us an email: [email protected]
  • Please provide an email address to receive your commission by E-Transfer
  • Any violation or misuse of an affiliated link will result in the rejection of payment.