The Pet Parent’s Guide to CBD


As responsible and loving pet owners, we are always looking for new and better ways to care for our little companions. This means looking for alternative solutions to protect and heal our pets from upset tummies to separation anxiety and everything in between. Cannabidiol (CBD) can be a game changer for pets, offering a natural and organic solution to help them to alleviate their pains and feel their best. 

As with humans, each pet can vary in terms of their wellness needs and response to CBD. With so many different products on the market, each with their own strength and unique formula, it can be frustrating to confidently know what to give you pet, how often, how much, etc. Here we’ve compiled the most asked questions and our own insider tips for you to get the most out of your pets CBD in terms of both effectiveness and efficiency. 

The Science – A Quick Rundown  

Most of you may be quite familiar with our friend the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) – our biological system that interacts with the CBD and governs our overall mood and health. But did you know that pets have an ECS as well? Evidence indicates that almost all animals have an ECS and fun fact: dogs have more endocannabinoid receptors in their brains than we do! These receptors are widely distributed in the brain and body and interact with our natural endocannabinoids to regulate cognition, appetite, emotions, memory, pain, inflammation, movement control, and more. Phytocannabinoids like CBD are derived from plants, such as hemp, and mimic our own endocannabinoids to help regulate the same systems. 

Why Do Pets Need CBD? 

As our pets inevitably age, their ECS can start to experience stress leading to more discomfort and many downstream health issues. This can be anything from sleepless nights to debilitating pain and inflammation. Just like us, our little companions can also benefit from CBD to support their ECS and general well-being. Many vets have adapted to CBD, and are suggesting the use as a natural therapy for minor pain and health problems. This includes anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, digestive issues, muscle recovery, seizures.

Usage Guide for Pets 

Dosage – How much do I give? 

Finding the correct dosage for our pets, or even for yourself, can be tricky. However, determining the appropriate CBD dosage for your little one is an essential step when it comes to ensuring their safety and the effectiveness of the product. In truth, each pet is different. There is no magical one size fits all approach, and some trial and error may be needed.   

A general rule of thumb for pets is approximately 1-5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. This can be further divided into mild, medium, and strong doses – which varies from approximately 1 mg, 2.5 mg and 5 mg per 10 pounds, respectively. Use the chart below as a general starting guideline based on your pet’s weight and wellness needs.  

We suggest starting with a mild dose if your pet is new to CBD or is using it for more minor wellness concerns. For long-term CBD users or pets with chronic health conditions you may want to explore medium to strong doses in order to notice improvements.  

Once you figure out how much CBD your pet needs, it’s time to measure out their dose. CBD products are often sold at varying strengths as well, making it crucial to calculate the dosage based on the product you’ve purchased. 

For example, our CBD Pet Oils are made in Small, Medium, and Large animal options which contain 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg of CBD, respectively. As each dropper measures out exactly 1 mL, the amount of CBD in one full dropper can be easily calculated by diving the concentration of CBD (often listed as mg) by the oil volume (listed as mL): 

Here is a chart for those who may need to measure out doses that don’t perfectly align with 1 full dropper. In these cases, half or quarter dropper doses may be needed to get as close as possible to your desired amount of CBD.  

Timing and Administration – When and How? 

Similarly, timing is a rather difficult factor as well. It is once again, to no surprise, dependent on your pet. The key, however, is consistency. After finding your pet’s unique dosage, try to give them the same amount of CBD daily or divide the dose and administer two times a day.  

For general wellness and balance, everyday use helps CBD build up and support the maintenance of their ECS – just like a daily vitamin! When using CBD for acute reasons such as pet anxiety or stress, try to give them their dose about 1 hour before the trigger occurs. For specific, long-term health concerns, such as chronic pain, it is recommended to split up and give their dose multiple times throughout the day. Make sure to do your proper research and consult your vet if your pet is using CBD for a specific health condition. 

We also often get asked how you should give your pet their CBD. Though our oils have little to no flavor, administration could get a little messy when the CBD is in liquid form. In general, here are the three main ways to give your pet their CBD: 

  1. Sprinkled onto their food 
  1. Hidden in their favorite treat 
  1. Directly in their mouth 

As the last option may be quite difficult and uncomfortable for both you and your pet, we suggest the first two options for their daily dose of CBD! This cannabinoid is also best absorbed when taken with food as it clings onto fat, making option 1 & 2 ideal to get the most CBD absorption.  

What to Expect Afterwards 

Much like us, pets can benefit from the calming and soothing effects of CBD. With consistent use, full spectrum oil may be extremely beneficial to our pets in a variety of ways.  

Calming Effect: CBD promotes a sense of calm and relief, showing great promise in managing our pet’s anxiety and stress. CBD can come in quite handy during those long road trips or loud thunderstorms. 

More Movement: CBD offers a natural option to support muscle and joint pain management in pets. It may help relax tense muscles, reduce muscle spasms, soothe inflammation, and promote a greater range of motion to play! 

Symptom Relief: Though CBD is by no means a cure, many have found success in using it as a therapy to relieve the symptoms associated with chronic illnesses such as osteoarthritis, cancer, reoccurring seizures, and more. 

Then there’s also the famous question, “will my pet get high”? The answer is no! Our Full Spectrum Organic Pet CBD Oil is made from 100% GMO-free organic hemp plants and has less than 0.3% THC, which are non-psychoactive, meaning it’s impossible for them to get high (phew!). In fact, these very small, trace amounts of THC enhance the effect of the other cannabinoids for more effective benefits. 

Wagging Tails and Endless Smiles 

In the whimsical world of pet wellness, CBD has come to the spotlight. Before administering CBD to your pets, make sure to do your proper research and find a CBD product that fits your pet’s needs best. With CBD, every day becomes a celebration of joy, with endless belly rubs, and ear scratches. So, let’s raise a paw to CBD, the ultimate sidekick that keeps our pets smiling, wagging, and living their best lives. 

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