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CBD and coronavirus? Potential Benefits of CBD in the Ongoing Pandemic

As the race to find an answer for Coronavirus remain #1 priority, there has been no shortage of product claims and alternative treatment methods promising to cure COVID-19. While there is clear urgency to find a solution, its important that we remain educated and clear the air on what is based on fear and speculation versus what is backed up by science. With that said, there are many avenues to explore, including even the unexpected. Here, we can explore CBD and its potential role in the current pandemic.

Potential of C.Sativa as treatment for COVID-19

Team of Canadian researchers are on the verge of revealing exciting news regarding the current pandemic. Their recent study highlights the potential of the cannabis plant as an answer for COVID-19. The outcome of such possibility holds many hopes, including elimination of social distancing, as well as the stress and anxiety over the impact on our health. It may be what all of us had been long waiting for.

But how close are we? Here is what we know from research:

C.sativa are strains with high contents of CBD, Cannabidiol. Researchers from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta claims that after assessing over 400 different strains, at least 13 different strains of their novel high CBD C.sativas, they had been successful in modulating ACE2 gene expression and ACE2 and TMPRSS2 protein levels.

In short, ACE2, angiotensin-converting enzyme II, can be thought of as the gateway the virus uses to access the body. In theory, by modulating ACE2 and TMPRSS2 protein levels, susceptibility of the illness may decrease.

While this is still only a hypothesis created using artificial human 3D model, researchers believe that every possible therapeutic opportunity and avenue must be considered at this time.

The research has not been finalized and still requires large-scale validation. To do-so, immense funding is required, and researchers are urgently seeking support from health organizations and the Canadian government which pledged $1.1 billion to fight against Coronavirus.

As for the application of cannabis treatment, researchers have suggested in the form of mouthwash and throat gargle products for both clinical and at-home use.

In an interview with Igor Kovalchuk, one of the researchers at Lethbridge University, he noted a crucial point that not that any cannabis will do the trick. The 13 strains referenced in the study were extracts of medical grade cannabis with high content of CBD with low content of THC.

Highlighting the effects of CBD

The findings have garnered a strong public and media interest, especially in the Cannabis industry. It highlights another huge possibility of cannabis plant in addition to its array of health benefits claimed by users, patients, and proponents of the cannabis legalization.

However, its important to note that this study is still at its infant stages without having underwent clinical trials or peer-reviewed by other health professional. Despite its promise, it is still far from defining CBD’s role in addressing COVID-19.

While the direct medicinal effect of CBD against COVID-19 are not yet merited, the benefit of CBD as a supplement against anxiety and stress is something valuable and appreciated by its users. By activating the endocannabinoid system in human body, CBD helps achieve a calm state and relaxes the body. CBD remains as a widely used tool to treat anxiety and depression.

During this unprecedented time, large number of people have reported to suffer from mental health issue, whether it be from health concern or financial impact. If you are affected by coronavirus and are taking stress from this situation, CBD oil may provide the benefit here.

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