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The 6 Things You Absolutely Need To Know

CBD Oil: The 6 Things You Absolutely Need To Know

Here are six basic facts of CBD oil that may surprise you.

1. Origin: Hemp Plants, Not Marijuana

Let’s make it clear once again, CBD Oil is extracted from hemp, not marijuana. So don’t panic when you hear the word “Cannabidiol (CBD)”. It is a chemical compound originating from the hemp plant which provides hefty health benefits from the resinous hemp flowers.

2. Ingredients: 100% THC-Free

Topikal ensures that all the CBD oil in our products is 100% free of THC, exactly the one you are afraid of, the cause a psychoactive high. Instead CBD oil is completely safe to use while keeping you refreshed and relieved as a bonus.

3. Property: 100% Non Toxic

CBD oil is not a drug, never and ever. You can try any amount of CBD as you want though you may end up finding it worthless. Topikal CBD recommends that users start with the minimum concentrations in mg for the first time and increase the amount as needed.

4. Effects: Not Psychoactive, Non-Addictive

You may get accustomed to the great feeling when using CBD oil, but you will never get addicted to CBD oil itself. To be more specific, CBD advances the process to help the brain better regulate the addictive behaviors. You can find CBD as a substitute ingredient for drugs and alcohol rehabs as it is beneficial for the patients to rid themselves from addictive habits.

5. Safety: Absolutely Legal 

No cases or lawsuits have taken place that someone was convicted guilty of buying or using CBD oil. In fact, sale and use of CBD oil within the United States is legal, no prescription required. Next time when someone challenges you that it is illegal to buy CBD oil, simply ask them to refer to the 2018 Farm Bill which was passed into law by President Trump.

6. One Sentence Conclusion: CBD oil won’t cause a negative drug test!

Since CBD is a totally different compound from THC and urinalysis tests only track the metabolites of THC, rest assured that you will pass a THC drug test if you have been taking CBD oil.

Now, with these facts about CBD oil in mind, it’s time for you to sigh with relief and just enjoy the comfort and refreshment of Topikal CBD. It will become your life supplement, rather than anxiety, for sure. Give it a try, and you won’t regret it.

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