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Different Ways To Use CBD For Anxiety

different ways to use cbd for anxiety2

A pounding heart, sweaty palms, ruminating thoughts: For those living with anxiety, these undesirable symptoms can make every day feel like a challenge. And finding a safe method to manage your symptoms can become just as overwhelming.

It can take multiple boasts of trial and error to find an anxiety medication that works for you, and some may reduce symptoms over time but can also be addictive. CBD is an entirely natural alternative that has been shown to help reduce anxiety and calm the nervous system in a safe, natural way. Early studies suggest that CBD affects serotonin levels in the brain, which impact your:

  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Digestion
  • Behavior

While the goal of both anti-anxiety drugs and CBD is to increase serotonin levels, CBD does the same with minimal risk of side effects.

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating CBD to manage anxiety, and promote relaxation, here are few ways you can do so:

Incorporate it into your yoga practice

Yoga, the mind-body practice gaining popularity for its postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation exercises, is ideal for reducing anxiety. When it’s combined with CBD, the two work together in perfect harmony to enhance your practice. CBD and yoga complement the properties of one another, relieving you from stress and anxiety.

Three ways to incorporate CBD into your practice:

  • Get your mind yoga-ready: Sometimes, it can take a while to settle in and begin feeling focused enough to enjoy your class or workout. Utilizing CBD beforehand can help clear your mind and get you into that state of flow much more quickly.
  • In your warm-up to improve flexibility and posture: CBD’s anti-inflammatory agents work with your immune system to reduce pain, making it easier to get into poses in postures throughout your practice.
  • As a wind-down method: Even though yoga can be a relaxing way to exercise, you still engage your muscles to do certain poses or techniques. Using CBD after your practice can help you achieve quality rest, so your muscles will recover quicker, and you can achieve that ultimate state of calm.

Establish a mindfulness routine with CBD

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more mindfulness into your life, CBD can help. Studies have shown that CBD can lower anxiety levels, increasing feelings of positivity and calmness.

But when it comes to being mindful, many of us encounter a similar issue: not focusing. Since mindfulness asks you to be present, anxiety and stress can make it incredibly challenging to calm down and find our zen state.

When CBD is used before we sit down to meditate or do a breathing exercise, it can help you feel focused and aware, which can help keep your attention in the present moment.

How does it work?

CBD calms overactivity in the brain that’s contributing to those pesky, intrusive thoughts. While CBD won’t eliminate them, you’ll gain a better sense of control over them when they pop up. And with its fast-acting effects, you’ll feel motivated to develop a consistent meditation practice.  Over time, combining meditation with CBD can help you disengage from a perpetual state of stress and achieve a stronger sense of calm in your daily life.

Plus, you can finally reach your mindfulness goals!

Float Therapy

Float therapy is becoming increasingly popular for its anti-anxiety effects. The float tank experience offers a safe, comfortable environment that puts you in a state similar to sleep.

The benefits of both float therapy and CBD are similar. They both target adverse effects of anxiety, inflammation and improve your overall sense of well-being.

But if the idea of being in a float tank doesn’t seem too appealing or even causes you to feel more anxious, dosing CBD right before a floatation session can help you relax beforehand.

Upon entering the float tank with CBD in your system, your mind becomes free of any concerns and can help you reach more profound levels of calm, restoration, and peace. How? The parts of your brain responsible for interpreting your surroundings and potential threats receive a message that “everything is okay” and aren’t working hard to keep you alert (and anxious).

If you’re still hesitant, there are a few other options to customize the float environment to your comfort level with lighting and music preferences. In turn, the massive dose of calm has far-reaching effects on the mind, to the point that you could say floating is an antidote to anxiety.

Take a CBD bath.

CBD baths hold many benefits for your body and mind. By combining essential oils to promote an uplift in mood or relieving tension, CBD baths work by interacting with your endocannabinoid system, responsible for managing your pain and emotions.

With the warm water in the bath to open up your pores, CBD is easily absorbed into your skin, delivering a very soothing feeling and a boost in mood. It is generally recommended that you enjoy your bath for at least 30 minutes to take advantage of all the CBD benefits fully. However, it may start working within minutes, but kicking back and soaking it all in is the best practice. Choose one with higher CBD levels if you’re highly stressed, overwhelmed, and need a mental reset.

Using a CBD bath bomb or CBD oil drops before your bath can also:

  • Manage calm to support everyday stresses
  • Assist with exercise recovery
  • Support daily wellness routine
  • Help you sleep better and longer, which is a critical component in mental health and anxiety.

If youre searching for CBD oil for anxiety, try our Calm Solution

Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil - Calm | Plant of Life
Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil – Calm

Calm Solution is a full-spectrum CBD oil product, which means each drop contains all the active cannabinoids. Replenishing the body with a combination of relaxing effects and targeted benefits, it’s the perfect thing to incorporate into your anxiety and stress relief routines. Our Calm Solution can also:

  • Promote a calm and relaxing effect by creating a powerful synergistic effect with melatonin.
  • Help balance the mind and body’s response to stressors.
  • Help relieve pain, aches, and general discomfort (perfect for your yoga practice)!
  • Protect the brain by supporting regeneration with neuroprotective properties.

The bottom line

When combined with other products and your daily wellness routine, CBD can help you slow down, feel good, and ultimately improve the quality of life.

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