How to Beat the Holiday Burnout

holiday burn out

For most, the holiday season is the cheeriest time of the year, with joy, laughter and love filling the air. But for some, this is a time of stress and chaos. With all the gift shopping, planning, hosting, working and parties going on, the holiday burnout might sneak up faster on you than you’d think!  

Signs of Holiday Burnout 

What is holiday burnout? To put it simply, holiday burnout can often reveal itself from all the craziness happening around through a series of signs such as persistent fatigue despite rest, heightened irritability, a loss of motivation for festivities, and headaches or body aches.  

Self-Care Practices For This Holiday Season 

If you’re experiencing any of the signs above, or just feeling a bit uneasy in general, it may signal that it’s time to step back and prioritize self-care during the holiday season. 

Plan Ahead & Prioritize

Whether it’s a schedule, wish list, or a to buy list, start planning early! Prioritize what’s most important and give yourself permission to skip the less essential things. P.S. Another tip is to write down your plan with a pen and paper, as studies have found that you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down. 

Don’t Forget About Recovery Time! 

As you’re planning, don’t forget to account for your recovery days! If you’re planning on throwing the holiday party of the season on a Sunday, and plan to wake up for work at 9am the next day, it might not be the best idea. Give your body and mind enough time to reset and recover.  

Budget Wisely  

Financial stress can greatly contribute to the decline of one’s well-being. So, it’s a good idea to set budgets for gifts, travel, and activities, and stick to it to avoid post-holiday financial strain. 

Cool Down Routine 

When things get too much, whether it be a few minutes, or a few hours, take a small break and make some time for yourself amidst the chaos. Try some meditation, exercise, or simply taking a quiet walk to let allow for your mind to cool down.  

Stay Grounded 

While this is the most hectic time all year round, let’s not forget the true meaning of the holiday seasons; spending time and spreading joy with the ones you love. Instead of trying to do anything and everything, focus on creating meaningful experiences with your loved ones. 

CBD for the Burnout 

For those who need an extra dose of calm this holiday season, try some CBD! Studies have shown time and time again that CBD has the potential to lower stress levels and cool inflammation which may be extremely handy this season. Our favorites this season must be our Peppermint CBD Pen and THC Free Gummies; allowing for quick moments of peace amidst the chaos.  

Happy Holidays! 

As you start planning for the holiday season, remember to take it slow, and try to enjoy it the best you can! If you do decide to give CBD a try, remember it’s always a good idea to consult a healthcare practitioner before use. Other than that, we wish you the best this season! Happy Holidays! 

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