Main Health Benefits of CBD


Ever since Marijuana became legal in most of the North American region, the awareness and demand for related products (paraphernalia) has grown higher than ever. Yet, despite the rise in popularity, most people still have little understanding about the connection between CBD and Cannabis. One of the main reasons associated with this disconnect is due to the manufacturers not wanting to tie the product with the “weed” industry due to concerns over the legality of their product, as well as the negative connotation associated with them. As a result, many consumers have yet to understand the potential health benefit of CBD as well as its origin source.

What is CBD?

CBD, the common name for Cannabidiol, is produced both from Cannabis and Hemp plant. Like typical marijuana, there are many Hemp strains available; with the Sativa strain generally used to extract the CBD compound. The main parts used in the plant for extraction are the flowers and buds which has a higher concentration level of CBD. Although CBD is produced from Hemp, CBD products do not contain or have less than effective amount of mind intoxicating, THC. Therefore, CBD is considered safe and non-psychoactive. Some products still contain terpenes when produced, which is the source of the unique scent and flavour found in Marijuana and other products with a higher THC level.

Ways CBD Works With Your Body

Your endocannabinoid system is targeted for action in two receptor parts; the first part being affected by THC, and the second being activated by CBD. What many people do not realize is that, their body naturally produces its own variation of cannabinoids which are biologically similar to the ones’ found in hemp plants. Once your body starts processing its own CBD, it connects with the second part of the system (CB2 receptors) and works with your endocannabinoids to naturally produce more from one’s body before it hits the threshold to stop. These compounds can be easily found in human body like nervous, digestive organs and even in immune system. Because you are supplying more than produced quantity of compounds when consuming CBD, it helps to boost these areas where the body’s cannabinoid naturally targets.

Main Health Benefits of CBD

1. Stress Relief
There are many studies confirming CBD’s impact in successfully reducing stress levels when consumed. Because of its effectiveness, many consumers and health professionals alike use it to treat more severe symptoms like PTSD and anxiety in hospital settings.

2. Restore and Improve Bone Structure
CBD has been used to boost healing process of bone damage, as well as improve density and strength of bones. Products commonly used for these benefits are in cream or oil form which can simply be applied to needed areas of your body for effect. However, the absorption rate through skin/dermal contact are still debated, and further studies are needed to confirm the effectiveness of treating through this method.

3. For Cancer Patients
Alongside its other medicinal properties, CBD has been proven to ease up some of the key problems cancer patients have been experiencing when undergoing chemotherapy. CBD provides relief against common side effects of chemo including nausea and vomiting while also managing the psychological impacts of stress, anxiety, and depression.

4. Pain Relief
The research on CBD and pain relief has been very promising. Many people with chronic pains have used CBD to reduce symptoms of inflammation, pain, physical discomforts. Because of the way CBD works with your body, many people who do not have serious pain also use CBD products to manage their simple/acute pains. Unlike synthesized drugs, CBD is naturally designed to work with your pain receptors with little to no side effects.

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