CBD & Sex: Your Guide to Better Intimacy

CBD and intimacy

Can CBD Improve Sex?  

Cannabidiol (CBD) has taken the wellness industry by storm, known for its potential in alleviating stress, soothing pain and aches, among others. However, did you know that recent studies have found that CBD may possibly play a positive role in the bedroom as well? In this blog, we’ll explore how CBD works with our stress levels and hormones to bring more pleasurable sexual experiences. Get ready to level up your bedroom game once you balance your systems from the inside out. 

Easing Pain  

When it comes to sex, pain is a big issue, especially for women. Studies have found that 10-20% of women in North America experience dyspareunia (painful intercourse), which may have a heavy impact on the overall pleasure of the experience. Coincidentally, CBD is commonly used as a pain reliever due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, with approximately 50% of Canadian CBD users using it for pain. CBD doesn’t directly bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors but does interact with them. Studies have shown great displays of CB2 receptor linked with pain reduction and cooling inflammation. In fact, many have started to use CBD for dyspareunia and have seen many positive results; with surveys finding at least 98% somewhat effective in participants. 

Goodbye Anxiety  

Whether it’s your first time or been a while, performance anxiety can creep up at any time and cast a shadow over the special intimate moments. Research has revealed that CBD is a great remedy for anxiety as it interacts with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the 5-HT1a receptor (a serotonin subtype). This activates the CB1 receptor to calm the nerves and increase serotonin levels, allowing individuals to focus more on the moment and their partner, rather than being caught up in stress or self-doubt. 

The Perfect Texture 

CBD as lube? Now that’s something you don’t hear every day! Recently, many companies have come out with CBD oil, serums, and other forms of topicals for the purpose of lube as it has the potential to increase local blood flow and more vaginal relaxation. Additionally, while easing irritations, CBD lubes and oil can increase your sensitivity and increase the body’s natural lubrication, which may lead to the ultimate O. It is crucial to remember that this represents a novel viewpoint on CBD. We strongly advise conducting your own research prior to making any purchases and using CBD for this specific purpose. 

Hormonal Balance 

When CBD enters your body, it interacts with the ECS to regulate your body and keep it in homeostasis. CBD is known to be an ally to hormonal balance, allowing our stress, pain, sleep, and more biological systems to be brought back to balance. As your body and hormones become more in sync, this can lead to an increased sex drive by alleviated symptoms of hormonal dysregulation. Studies have also found that CBD does have the potential to activate the right nucleus accumbens (in the brain), which can increase libido, leading to elevated arousal.  

The Verdict  

CBD holds great potential as a natural enhancer for sexual experiences, offering a unique solution to common challenges of performance anxiety and discomfort. While individual experiences may vary, incorporating CBD into your intimate moments could be the key to unlocking a deeper level of connection and pleasure. As always, consulting a health practitioner is recommended before use. 

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