How Colours of Sound Can Help You Sleep 

How Colours of Sound Can Help You Sleep

The Perfect Noise To Lull You To Sleep 

Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep? You’re not the only one! Roughly 40% of Canadians have trouble sleeping at any given time. Sometimes it can seem like you’ve desperately tried every trick in the book – from counting sheep to sleeping masks, but a good night’s sleep still seems hopeless. What if the secret is simply some noise? 

Often, noise can disrupt our sleep, such as the bustling city streets or the loud barking from your neighbor’s dogs. However, did you know that some noise, specifically colour noise, can be surprisingly beneficial and soothing when it comes to enhancing our sleep quality? 

What is Sound?  

To put it simply, sound is a type of energy created through different vibrations. The different vibrations create different levels of frequency which results in different “sound” or pitches, and colours (wavelengths). There’s a fascinating science behind colour sounds that delves into how specific sound frequencies and colour, can influence our sleep quality. By understanding and tapping into this science, you can discover the particular sound frequencies, or sound ‘colour,’ that can best enhance your sleep.  

White Noise  

White noise is a familiar sound to many and results when all possible sounds happen at once. This type of noise includes sounds like the static you hear from a radio or TV when it’s not tuned to a specific channel. It is particularly good at blocking out excess noise, and research has found that white noise has had a positive outcome on sleep quality, specifically in busy cities like New York city. 

Pink Noise  

Pink noise is typically a softer lower sound, resembling rustling leaves or light rain. Pink noise is the ideal sleep sound, with studies showing that pink noise has a calming effect on the brain and therefore supports better sleep quality.  

Brown Noise  

Brown noise is deeper than pink noise, giving off a more brass tone. It is heavier and resembles a heavy rainfall or a thunderstorm. The deeper tone is accompanied by lower frequencies, which helps to induce a calming environment, neutralizing the surrounding higher pitches. It’s also been proposed that brown noise can enhance and stabilize our transition into REM sleep.  

Green Noise  

Although “green noise” is not yet a proper term, it has recently gained much attention on social media. It is often described as the ambient noise of nature, much like a calming breeze or soft waves. Because it simulates nature, some people tend to find it more calming than brown noise or pink noise. The science behind green noise is still being studied, however, some specialists propose that green noise can greatly benefit those who have anxiety or racing thoughts at night.  

Blue & Violet Noise  

On the contrary, blue and violet noise are at a much higher frequency than the others, which may not be the ultimate companion for a good night’s sleep. They often resemble a high-pressure water stream or steam from a pipe. Although they are not the best resources for deep sleep, some may enjoy it when they need a sharp and clean mind. Some have even suggested it for a power nap.  

Black Noise  

Black noise is the sound of absolute silence. For individuals who find that other colour noises do not aid their relaxation or sleep, black noise may ultimately be the ideal alternative. Embracing the quietness and tranquility that black noise offers can be a simple yet effective way to create a peaceful and restful environment.  

Find Your Perfect Colour With CBD 

As always, there is no one size, or in this case, one colour, fits all recipe for everyone. White, pink, brown, and even the less conventional blue or violet noises offer a spectrum of sounds tailored to different preferences and needs. Try out the different colours, and see which one is the best for you. Additionally, integrating CBD into your nighttime routine may provide an extra layer of calm, potentially amplifying the effects of your chosen colour noise. Dive into this exploration of sound and wellness to tailor the ultimate sleep enhancing strategy that’s just right for you.

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