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Optimal Method of Taking CBD – Why Drop CBD Oil Under the Tongue?

cbd oil under tongue

Cannabidiol or CBD is making waves in the world of wellness, and for good reason. Since the legalization of cannabis products including its derivatives, many of us had given it an attention. Turns out, some misbeliefs about the six-finger plant were not so true, that it can not only be used as recreational but to provide immense health benefits. Although more research is underway, some of the recent studies point toward the strong potential of its possibility in treating many conditions. Anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, and arthritis are some of those names.

What is CBD? Where is it From?

CBD can be found in both marijuana and hemp. Since marijuana plant usually contains high amount of THC, a brand like PLANT OF LIFE® who is wellness-centered, source their CBD from hemp only. However, even hemp plants contain a small amount of THC, which is normally less than 0.3%. With this trace amount of THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, CBD creates a synergy boost of effect namely “entourage effect”. This is what users may experience when using the full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil.

How Should CBD be Taken?

People are taking CBD in various ways. From CBD hand sanitizers to CBD infused healthy recipes, you can see CBD section in just about any stop of the way today. So, you might ask, are all these methods equal when it comes to the effectiveness of CBD? If the busy schedule does not allow you to consume fresh fruits everyday, you might as well take the vitamin supplement than leaving your body un-supplemented. Same concept here, if you cannot build a habit of taking it sublingually, you might as well create a recipe to enjoy it!

Sublingual Method

This is by far the most effective method to take CBD oil. CBD is a chemical compound with low heat resistance. Hence, it should not be cooked on a stove or an oven, but it can sure be with salad, cold beverages, or even sugar bites. But again, the best method is to drop the CBD oil or use CBD oral spray straight under the tongue. We have a thin membrane located under our tongue that will absorb CBD and pass it down along our bloodstream, rather than passing it through our digestive system where CBD may lose most of its potency.

Experienced users say that it is most effective to avoid any drinking 10 minutes before and after taking CBD oil for best absorption into that membrane. 

Vaporizing Method

Another popular method especially amongst the younger generation. Instead of passing through our digestive system, CBD in this case is passed through our lungs. This is a great alternative to regular nicotine vapors, as it may replace a conventional vaporizer but at the same time enjoy the wellness benefits of CBD. Onset time of CBD is quickest through our lungs. But at the same time, it may leave our body the quickest. So vaping is a perfect choice to enjoy CBD on-the-go and get the relief almost instantly.

Topical Method

Topical products are applied onto our skins, and it gets absorbed into our body. This is another popular method of benefiting from CBD. The main goal of topical products is to modulate pain, inflammation, and the histamine response. For easy administration, just simply apply it onto the skin whenever needed. It is a convenient choice for any athletes or ones with muscle or joint pain. PLANT OF LIFE® offers Heal Stick which has a unique blend of active ingredients to provide instant relief for your ache and discomfort. Check out the product that is highly recommended by the staff.

The Bottom Line

Reaping the benefits of CBD may take time and commitment. Although methods such as topical or vaporizing may provide an immediate response to your body, but to get down to the root cause of the issue, consistency is the key. All our bodies are composed of unique attributes; hence the solutions may vary from person to person, which is why a brand like PLANT OF LIFE® is dedicated to helping their customers achieve optimal results with the wellness journey with cannabidiol. Simply send them a message via live chat or email to ask any question about your current concerns and they will advise you on how to best enjoy CBD products.

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